Saturday, April 25, 2009

Short Saturday Update

I managed to talk my parents into going with me. They have always loved camping, and after seeing the pictures, they were both very excited about it!

So now that my plans of camping in the vehicle have changed to tent camping, not to mention carrying more weight than planned, I will have to perform a few modifications to the truck before I can set off, mainly a set of air bags for the rear springs. Lately I've noticed I'm sitting just about level, when my lift was suppose to give me 1-1.5 inches of forward rake over the wheelbase. So airbags need to be added, I need to sort out enough camping gear for 3 people (I don't mind cooking on an intake manifold, but I think my parents will care too much for it)

Things left to do (that come to mind right now, I have a running list).

prepare truck
prepare camping gear
figure out how far i can get in a day on these roads (figure out how long i plan on being off the pavement)
organize stops along the way
organize fuel and food stops

maps are ordered and on the way.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds fun! Looks like I'll be catching you on the return leg of the trip.


    Dude, you're not following my blog. Why not? LOL :)